Dobisky Associates
Dobisky Associates

Over the years, Dobisky Associates' contacts with reporters, editors and broadcast producers have led to hundreds of stories about its clients in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Chronicle of Higher Education, USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, The San Jose Mercury News, The Boston Globe, Business Week, U.S. News & World Report, Fortune, Forbes, Time, Newsweek, University Business, The Today Show (NBC News), Good Morning America (ABC News), CNN, The Associated Press, Reuters and other media.

Finding Your Next Gig in Your Garage
Clarkson University
April 24, 2009

In 2007, Dobisky Associates arranged for Marc Compeau, director of Clarkson University's innovative entrepreneurship program, to meet with Brett Nelson, entrepreneur editor for, in New York City. As a result of that initial meeting, Nelson and Compeau have established an ongoing relationship and Compeau has written several columns for, which averages five million hits a month. Other columns have included:

Beating the Small Business Blues
November 6, 2008

Microbusiness Q & A
September 2008

Yes, Even Small Companies Can Innovate
May 2, 2008

How to Tap Other Coffers of Capital
January 25, 2008

How to Beat the Big Boxes
March 22, 2007

Technology Isn't Just for Big Boys
March 2, 2007

2007 Resolutions for Mom-and-Pop Shops
January 4, 2007

These Football Coaches Know How to Stop the Clock
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Wofford College
November 28, 2008

A former Wofford College president and an 84-year-old paratrooper who jumped into Normandy on D-Day are both involved in Wofford's Division I football program. Dobisky Associates suggested the story to the Chronicle after a visit to the Wofford campus and hearing about these two men and their work with the team.

From Abba to Kanye West: The presidential play list
The San Jose Mercury News
Mills College
October 30, 2008

Dean Morier is quoted in a story about the favorite songs of presidential candidates. A reporter at the Mercury News in San Jose, California, called Dobisky Associates for an academic source and he was referred to Morier, an associate professor of psychology at Mills College in Oakland, California.

Back to School Reading: “Omnivore” and “Three Cups of Tea” are popular
USA Today
Clarkson University, Mills College and Western Carolina University
August 8, 2008

Dobisky Associates canvassed some schools to find out what reading assignments were being given to incoming freshmen. The information was passed along to Mary Beth Marklein, higher education writer for USA Today, who included Clarkson, Mills and Western Carolina in her online blog about what freshmen were reading.

A new faith in politics: Young Mennonites join world of politics
Chicago Tribune
Goshen College
May 6, 2008

Dobisky Associates alerted the Chicago Tribune that students at Goshen College, who normally stayed above the fray of politics, were actively campaigning in the Indiana presidential primary. The Tribune assigned a reporter to spend time on campus and interview the students for a story that ran on Indiana's Primary Day.

How do we talk about race?
The San Jose Mercury News
Goshen College
March 27, 2008

A reporter for the Mercury News called Dobisky Associates looking for an academic source who could talk about how politicians discuss race as a campaign issue. Dobisky Associates put the reporter in touch with Regina Shands-Stoltzfus, an assistant professor of sociology at Goshen College, who was quoted in the subsequent article about how to discuss race in the midst of presidential primary that features an African-American candidate.

'Chic Geek': Computer Science Major Rebounds
Clarkson University
March 5, 2008 asked Dobisky Associates for examples of what was happening with computer science enrollment on campuses. Dobisky Associates put them in touch with Dick Pratt, dean of arts and sciences at Clarkson, who was quoted in a roundup of how computer science majors were on the rebound at Clarkson and across the country.

Can God and evolution get along?
Chicago Tribune
Goshen College
January 19, 2008

Dobisky Associates arranged for Goshen College President Jim Brenneman to be interviewed in Chicago by Manya Brachear, religion writer for the Chicago Tribune, who used quotes from that interview in a subsequent blog.

A Trashy Idea
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Clarkson University
January 7, 2008

Students at Clarkson kept track of the trash they accumulated for a week and hauled it around with them on campus to demonstrate the amount of waste each person collected. Dobisky Associates called the Chronicle's attention to the effort and it published a brief article and photo.

Church Gives Homeless a Ride to Services
Religion News Service
University of San Diego
October 5, 2007

A reporter for the Religion News Service asked Dobisky Associates for academic sources to discuss various outreach efforts by churches. Michael Lovette-Colyer, director of ministry at the University of San Diego, was referred to the reporter and quoted in a story about how churches, as part of outreach, were providing rides to church for homeless people.

States begin criticizing Iraq policy, too
The Christian Science Monitor
University of Central Florida, Western Carolina University
February 22, 2007

A reporter for The Christian Science Monitor asked Dobisky Associates for academic sources who could discuss the political ramifications of state legislatures criticizing the nation's Iraq war policy. Political science professors from Central Florida and Western Carolina were quoted in this article about how states were joining the chorus of critics of the war.

In a historic first, Harvard chooses woman president
The Christian Science Monitor
The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC)
February 12, 2007

A reporter for the Monitor was looking for academic sources willing to comment on the appointment of the first woman as president of Harvard University. Dobisky Associates arranged for the reporter to talk with Richard Ekman, president of the CIC, and he was quoted in the Monitor's story.

Health Care for Bridges: A Search for Diagnostic Tools
The New York Times
Clarkson University
November 1, 2007

When an interstate bridge collapsed in Minneapolis in the summer of 2007, Dobisky Associates alerted Matt Wald of The New York Times, who was covering the disaster, about research under way at Clarkson University to provide wireless sensors to monitor bridge safety. In late October, Wald went to Clarkson University and observed the research team installing wireless sensors on a bridge.

How the Amish can forgive….
USA Today
Goshen College
October 2, 2007

Author Steve Nolt, a member of the faculty at Goshen College in Indiana, collaborated on a book about the Amish schoolhouse shooting in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania. The book dealt with how the Amish culture allowed the victims to forgive the shooter's family. Dobisky Associates suggested Nolt for an interview with USA Today and the story was published on the first anniversary of the shooting.

A Campus for the Arts in Georgia
Columbus State University
April 24, 2007

Dobisky Associates arranged for Frank Brown, president of Columbus State University, to visit in Washington, DC, with Scott Jaschik, founding editor of, and one of his staff writers, Elia Powers, to discuss the University's major investment in a fine arts complex in downtown Columbus. The result was a feature story on

Cost of burying slain child…
The Sacramento Bee
University of Central Florida
January 11, 2007

Jocelyn Weiner, a reporter at The Sacramento Bee, called Dobisky Associates looking for an academic expert on why low-income families do or do not get life insurance for their children. Dobisky Associates referred her to Stanley Smith, finance professor at the University of Central Florida, and he was quoted in the story.

Just Like Us? Not Likely
The Chronicle of Higher Education
University of Central Florida
December 8, 2006

Luis Martinez-Fernandez, director of Latin American, Caribbean and Latino studies at the University of Central Florida, wrote an opinion piece about cultural differences around the world. Dobisky Associates helped place his article in the Chronicle.

Peer Review: Family Business
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Clarkson University
July 14, 2006

Dobisky Associates alerted The Chronicle of Higher Education about two sets of brothers who are currently serving as deans of business schools in the U.S. The writer, Katherine Mangan, talked with Dean Timothy Sugrue at Clarkson as well as the deans from the University of Miami, the University of Florida and Chapman University in California
The Wall Street Journal
May 9, 2006

Dobisky Associates arranged for David Gray, president of UMassOnline, to visit with Dan Golden in the Boston bureau of The Wall Street Journal about online education. As a result of that interview, Golden prepared a story on the popularity of online education among major public universities, with a focus on the University of Massachusetts' program. The story appeared two days before UMassOnline held a celebration marking its fifth anniversary.

New study abroad option
The Daily Illini
April 25, 2006

Student newspapers and their college student audience were targeted for information about The Scholar Ship, the new international study aboard ship program that will sail from Athens in January 2007. These two student-run newspapers – at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania – published stories about this new venture.

Scholar Ship Gives Study Abroad Options
The Collegian
April 20, 2006
The Scholar Ship

Student newspapers and their college student audience were targeted for information about The Scholar Ship, the new international study aboard ship program that will sail from Athens in January 2007. These two student-run newspapers – at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania – published stories about this new venture.

Who's the Boss? I Am!
Start Here
Clarkson University
Spring 2006

This magazine, published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), was looking for an accounting student willing to write a column for a feature called "Future Value." Dobisky Associates put them in touch with Kurt West, a junior at Clarkson University, who was president of the Clarkson chapter of CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization).

Campus artists finally get top facilities
Associated Press
Western Carolina University
March 15, 2006

When Justin Pope, higher education writer for the Associated Press, was working on an article on what schools were spending on the performing arts, he contacted Dobisky Associates looking for examples. The result: the new $30 million Performing Arts Center at Western Carolina University in North Carolina was included in the story. Dobisky Associates had taken Western Carolina's chancellor to meet with Pope a few months earlier and they had talked about the new center.

Colleges going cyber
USA Today
Franklin and Marshall College
March 2, 2006

Freelance writer Al Sanoff was working on a story about innovative ways colleges were using the Internet to recruit students. Dobisky Associates, referred him to the JibJab-like piece that Franklin and Marshall College was using on its web site to attract prospective students. Sanoff wound up doing a sidebar on his story focusing on the Franklin and Marshall technique.

Sailing Around the Flat World
The Scholar Ship
February 3, 2006

The first story about The Scholar Ship, a new study abroad program, appeared in the online higher education news service,, which received a news release and followed up with a phone call to Dobisky Associates, seeking more information.

The Rich Get Richer
Clarkson University
January 23, 2006

When Scott Jaschik, founding editor of, was looking for examples of how well college and university endowments were doing, Dobisky Associates referred him to Clarkson University, which had a record increase in endowment income.

With World War II Memoir, a Literary Legacy Continues
The Los Angeles Times
Michael James, author of "The Adventures of M. James: A Sailor's Diary"
December 27, 2005

Michael James skirted Navy rules to keep a journal of his World War II experiences. More than 60 years later, his nephews contacted Dobisky Associates to get some visibility for their uncle's story. The result: a feature story by Elizabeth Mehren in the L.A. Times.

Workouts Are Potent Medicine for the Mentally Ill
The New York Times
Monadnock Family Services
December 8, 2005

A story appeared in the Los Angeles Times in December 2004 on MFS's unique program that encourages physical fitness for those with severe mental illnesses. A year later, The New York Times included MFS in a story on the issue. And, based on the original story, the California Department of Mental Health contacted MFS about creating a similar program in California.

The New York Times
University of Central Florida
November 22, 2005

When the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy opened at UCF, Dobisky Associates sent information to a wide range of media, including The New York Times. When the paper eventually did a story on the growth of academic programs involving video game creation, UCF was mentioned in the page one story. The story was also picked up by several other Web sites and bloggers.

Katrina may knock small firms
Christian Science Monitor
September 21, 2005

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Dobisky Associates offered Gregory Fairchild, an expert on entrepreneurship and minority-owned businesses, to various media. He was quoted in the Monitor and USA Today.

After searching for food and shelter, now comes job hunt
USA Today
September 8, 2005
Darden School of Business
University of Virginia

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Dobisky Associates offered Gregory Fairchild, an expert on entrepreneurship and minority-owned businesses, to various media. He was quoted in the Monitor and USA Today.

Mud on the ivory towers
USA Today
University of Central Florida August 29, 2005

When USA Today was preparing a story on crisis communications on campus, a reporter asked Dobisky Associates for sources. We referred them to Linda Gray, now at the University of Central Florida, who was the spokesperson at the center of the crisis when the University of Florida dealt with the murder of five students in the early 1990s.

Zapping Info. to the Local Cops
Business Week
University of Central Florida
August 2005

Dobisky Associates took Kenneth Reynolds, professor of criminal justice, and a former detective from the Orange County sheriff's office to meet with Paul Magnuson at Business Week to discuss a police data-sharing system. The story, including a color photo, appeared in the magazine's "Up Front" section as well as in its online edition.

Seniors on edge as colleges play wait-listing game
USA Today
Franklin & Marshall College
May 4, 2005

A writer from USA Today called Dobisky Associates looking to interview admissions officials about the college wait-listing game. As a result, Dennis Trotter, dean of admissions at Franklin and Marshall College, was interviewed and quoted in the story.

Albany Times Union
Foundation for Excellent Schools
April 22, 2005

Dobisky Associates contacted the Albany Times Union to alert it to the announcement by FES of a mentoring program for schools in 24 districts across the Adirondack region, a largely rural and poor area. Reporter Rick Karlin covered the news conference and wrote a page one story.

A Philanthropist of Science Seeks to Be Its Next Nobel
The New York Times
Kavli Foundation
April 29, 2005

In the spring of 2004, Dobisky Associates helped this foundation, based in California and created by philanthropist Fred Kavli, arrange a news conference in New York City to announce gifts for scientific research to some of the country's leading research universities. Writer Dennis Overbye, a science writer for The New York Times, met Fred Kavli at the announcement and, over a period of time, learned more about his work and his life mission, leading to a profile of Kavli and his foundation in the newspaper's Science Times section.

All sides filling in dots on new SAT
USA Today
University of Central Florida
Franklin & Marshall College
February 23, 2005

When writer Al Sanoff began work on a story about how colleges and universities planned to respond to the new SAT tests, he called Dobisky Associates for sources.

We put him in touch with admissions directors at Franklin & Marshall and the University of Central Florida, and both were quoted in this story.

Stem-Cell Research Shows Promise in Treating Alzheimer's
University of Central Florida
February 14, 2005

Dobisky Associates alerted to stem cell related research by Kiminobu Sugaya at the University of Central Florida. It posted the story on its Web site, which serves AvantGo, the handheld palm device service, with more than 10 million registered users worldwide. In addition, it is syndicated to thousands of major health industry Web sites and wireless phone systems, with feeds to Latin American, Europe and Asia. Also, more than 1,000 news editors, broadcast producers and health columnists subscribe to and have free access to all contents.

Exercise Program Specially Fit to Needs of Mentally Ill People
Los Angeles Times
Monadnock Family Services
December 21, 2004

MFS created one of the first programs in the nation that identified the need for physical fitness for those with severe mental illnesses. Dobisky Associated pitched the story to various media, including the Los Angeles Times. Reporter Elizabeth Mehren came to Keene with a photographer and interviewed several of the participants.

Students seeking 'bond' with universities
USA Today
Western Carolina University
November 23, 2004

Al Sanoff, a freelance writer for USA Today, called Dobisky Associates looking for sources on how schools develop a bond with their students. A counselor and student from Western Carolina were featured in the story, which included a color photo of the two.

Popular culture goes to the dogs
USA Today
Western Carolina University
June 9, 2004

Psychology Professor Hal Herzog of Western Carolina University did a study showing how people select the breed of dog they want for a pet. Dobisky Associates offered the information to USA Today, which produced a feature story that included sketches of some of the most popular breeds.

Money Listens
The Chronicle of Higher Education
University of Central Florida
June 4, 2004

Dobisky Associates arranged media visits in Washington, D.C., for Dean Sandy Robinson of the College of Education at the University of Central Florida, including an interview at The Chronicle of Higher Education. During the visit, she mentioned that Harris Rosen, a university trustee, had adopted neighborhood schools and promised the students he would pay for their college education if they graduated from high school. The Chronicle sent a reporter to Orlando and published this story on Rosen and his philanthropic work.
Clarkson University
May 24, 2004

Andrea Ferro, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Clarkson University, found in a study that household dust and indoor air are often toxic. Dobisky Associates offered the story to, a Web site that features summaries of scientific research. The story appeared on the Web site with Clarkson's logo and was also sent by to the 10 million subscribers to its PDA news service.

Division III coach on brink of milestone
USA Today
Franklin & Marshall College
February 13, 2004

Franklin & Marshall College's basketball coach was nearing a milestone in his career – 666 victories in his 33 years at the college with all but one of his players graduating. Dobisky Associates pitched the story nationally, resulting in a story in USA Today.

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