Dobisky Associates
Dobisky Associates

Professionals in the field of higher education who have known Frank Dobisky and the work of his firm through the years offer comments on the firm's performance.

"During my career, I dealt with public relations representatives on many occasions. Frank Dobisky stood out among them as one of the most professional and knowledgeable. He knew his client, knew the kind of stories our publication was interested in, our deadlines, and the way that ideas were turned into the published product. Most importantly, I found him to be a man of integrity."

Joseph N, Boyce
former bureau chief, TIME magazine
former senior editor, The Wall Street Journal

"Frank worked with me at the University of Florida for 11 years, until 2001. We found him easy to work with, down to earth and very responsive. It was as if we had another staff member; he was just in another location. He did a tremendous job for us and we substantially increased our national media coverage

"Because of our previous relationship, I engaged Frank and his firm when I came to the University of Central Florida in Orlando. We want to enhance the national coverage of UCF, which is Florida's fastest-growing university with more than 42,000 students. He is now a vital part of our team at UCF, as we seek to build a national media presence. Frank is helping to position us among the nation's top universities -- as a leader in scientific research, education reform and hospitality management."

Linda Gray,
Former Assistant Vice President for University Relations
and Director of News and Information
University of Central Florida, Orlando
and former Assistant Vice President
University of Florida

"You provided West Virginia Wesleyan College superb strategic communications counsel in regard to our information technology plan and its various elements, including our universal access laptop program and on-line application for admission. Importantly, you provided extensive direct contact with key media leaders; with the access you provided to these contacts, we were able to tell our story through national print media. As a result, our story appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education, USA Today and other outlets.

"In all of this, you were highly professional and patient! We at Wesleyan are immensely grateful for your guidance and assistance."

Bill Haden
West Virginia Wesleyan College
Buckhannon, West Virginia

"Dobisky Associates is one of only a few national media placement firms that knows higher education thoroughly. It has built a solid reputation with the media for promoting good ideas in creative ways and with campuses for having the wisdom and integrity to advise them on which approaches will work most effectively."

Keith Moore
Keith Moore Associates
Silver Spring, Maryland

"You've been a real asset to our program and a pleasure to work with, always professional and able to handle all sorts of personalities!"

Anne Sibley
Former Director of Public Relations
Clarkson University
Potsdam, New York

"As a veteran news reporter, Frank brings to the field of media placement a deep understanding of how reporters think and he knows what editors want. He uses their language, he perfects the timing, and he understands the trends. He succeeds because he builds strong relationships with the people who call the shots -- and nothing in public relations is more important than relationships. Frank knows how to do it."

Mike Barwell
Barwell Communications
Concord, New Hampshire

"Frank has a great team and he is a very smart and knowledgeable guy. As a fund raiser and now as a fund raising consultant, I have used Dobisky Associates for a number of institutions and organizations ... and I will use them again. They get the job done!"

Ted Easler II
The Easler Group
Atlanta, Georgia

Dobisky Associates